4 Digit Math Addition Worksheets

There are rules that we need to pay attention to when doing addition. If we learn these rules then we can easily add different digit numbers.

We have already learned the operation of addition. Now let’s consider it over their 4-digit numbers and examine how operations are performed. Let’s try to understand the subject better by doing this through examples.

The numbers in the units digit are added one after the other and written in the total part.
Then, the digits in the tens digit, the hundreds digit, and the thousands digit, if any, are added and written in the total part.
If a two-digit number appears during addition, then the decimal part is regrouped.

Four Digit Addition Operations

4-digit addition operations start from the right side of the digits, that is, from the ones digit and continue as the tens digit, hundreds digit, and thousands digit, respectively. Now let’s examine how this process is done through two examples.

Example 1: 2574 + 4316 = 6890

In the above operation, we first dealt with the number in the units digit. As we can see, there is a carry-over operation here. Because when we add the numbers 6 and 4 in the units digit, we find the number 10. We wrote the 0 part of this 10 number in the total section below. Then we transferred the decimal to the other digit. Thus, the number 7 in the tens place became 8. Then we added 8 with 1 and got 9. Again, we added the numbers 5 and 3 in the hundreds place and found the number 8. Finally, we found and wrote the number 6 by adding the numbers 4 and 2 by doing the operations at the thousands digits.

Example 2: 5211 + 3472 = 8683

This time we did the operation without carry-over. Starting with the units digit, we added the tens digit, hundreds digit, and thousands digit and wrote it in the total section.

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