Grammar Worksheets – Parts of a Sentence, Action Verbs #2

The words which contain an observable action and tell us what people, animals, or things are doing are called action verbs. They are also called action words.


1. Alicia reads storybooks every day.

2. Rabbits run so fast.

3. The bell rings when someone pushes the button.

4. We walk in the neighborhood in the mornings.

5. My dad cooks delicious meals.

Action verbs are mostly used with ‘ing’ as in the example sentences. This expresses a continuing action and shows us what is happening now.


1. Olivia is eating a cupcake.

2. Kids are watching their favorite cartoons on TV.

3. Kate is telling us a story.

4. Mom is swimming in the pool.

5. Barbara is singing aloud.

To practice the topic of action verbs, you can ask your child to find verbs from your daily routine, school life, or the things he/she likes to do with friends. You can also tell him/her some simple sentences and want him/her to find the action verb. You can also play a game of finding action verbs beginning with the last letter of the last-used action verb.

Action Verbs #2