Math Worksheets, Coloring Numbers- Color the Number 9

Recognizing numbers is the first step in math. You can attract your child’s attention by showing her all the numbers you see around you such as the house numbers, the numbers on the buses, the numbers on the printed t-shirts, the numbers on the TV. After a while, your child will realize that the word “four” is written as “4”.

Activities that can be done to recognize the numbers:

1. Print colorful number sense worksheets and help her learn the numbers in a fun way by activities like tracing, matching, and coloring. You can prepare such worksheets by yourself if you don’t have the opportunity to print them. Rewarding her after she is done with the worksheet will encourage her. 

2. Numbers appear everywhere in your daily life! Every time you see numbers such as house numbers, numbers on the remote, and athletes’ jersey numbers, talk to your child about these numbers.

3. Keep large sheets of paper on which you write the numbers 1-10 at home and encourage your child to find them. Afterward, you can ask him what the number is, and if he doesn’t know, you can encourage him.

4. Counting 10 plastic cups while building a tower makes it easier for your child to become aware of the value of numbers.

If your child mostly gives the correct answer when you show your child the numbers and ask, “Is that number 3?”, that is sufficient reason to move on to the next stage. 

The next stage is counting, which is an important activity related to the names and ordering of numbers. First, teach her to count numbers 1-5 in order. When she succeeds, immediately follow up and have him count the numbers 1-10. If you observe success in a short time, then you can challenge your child for numbers 1-20.

Color the Number 9