Preschool Worksheets, Count and Color Activity – Flowers

You can help your 0-6 year old child develop their mathematical skills with the knowledge of number concepts. Understanding math will be easier with some basic tricks you can teach your child to love and get used to math from a young age.

In order for a school-age child not to have difficulties in mathematics in the future and to be able to do it easily, he/she should learn some basic subjects at a young age. Preparing for the school term by doing exercises will be very beneficial in terms of academic performance not only in mathematics but also in other lessons. Therefore, if you have a preschooler, you can help their development by doing activities such as introducing letters or teaching numbers in fun ways without getting bored.

You can make it easier for your child to learn if you teach mathematics as a game rather than a lesson. First of all, you can start by teaching numbers in mathematics.

Some parents often think “My child can count now”, and may not go over this issue. The most important point to note here is that counting numbers does not mean that the child has learned the concept of numbers fully. Children may be counting not because they really learn to count numbers, but because they memorize the order of the numbers very well.

For this reason, in order for the child to fully grasp the concept of numbers, he must first be successful in activities such as matching, classification, and sequencing. Afterward, number studies should be done with children who gain these skills, and children should reinforce the concept of numbers.

Count and Color- Flowers