Units of Length Worksheet, Estimating Length- Inches or Feet #3

It is possible to sort the units of length as inches, yards, miles, nautical miles, feet, and fathoms.

Inch: Inch, which is used to measure small lengths, is most often used in electronic items such as television or computer screens, and tools and equipment.

Yard: Yard, which is used to measure long distances, is a unit of measurement that is especially familiar to those who watch American football. It is used in measuring and calculating houses, plots, and lands. The terms square yard and cubic yard are also in use. 

Mile: Mile is used to measure the distance between two places on land.

Nautical mile: Nautical mile is used to measure distance in marine and air. 

Foot (feet): The unit of measure used to measure long distances that people can see with the eye is called the foot.

Fathom:  Fathom is used to measure water depth. It is a unit used mostly in bureaucratic and legal situations.

1 foot equals  12 inches.

1 yard equals  3 feet or  36 inches.

1 mile equals 1,760 yards or 5,280 feet or  63,360 inches.

Estimating Length #3