Find the Animals, Animal Pictures Worksheets #1

Love of animals which is a gain in personal development and a great help in children’s connection between the inner and outer world should be instilled in children in the early period. So how do children gain a love for animals at an early age? Here are the steps that can be followed by families with fun methods:

Identify Animals by the Food They Eat

You can teach animals through shapes and foods, taking into account how animals are fed that you think will interest your child. You can give the example of pumpkin seeds to teach birds, bananas for monkeys, and carrots for rabbits. In the meantime, you can play a game by asking him to guess which animal eats which food.

Imitate The Sounds Animals Make

You can classify animals according to the sounds they make, starting with the examples we come across while walking on the street. This method, which looks like a funny situation from the outside, but is very effective for increasing your child’s communication with animals, will also help their personal development and gain imitation skills.

Design a Zoo

If you are collecting plush animals, which are found in almost every house with a child, now is the time to use them! How about collecting all the animals and making a zoo for them with your child? If your answer is yes, you can create imaginary puddles by cutting blue papers for the playground you will create and group animals such as fish and whales living in the sea. You can reproduce the example by placing animals living in the forest area on green paper depending on your imagination.

Help Animals Meet Their Needs

You can build a small shelter to protect animals outside from rain and wind on cold winter days. For example, you can ask your child for help with the cat house, which you can make out of a cardboard box, and you can tell them why you did it. In this way, your child will also develop a sense of helpfulness.

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