5 Senses, Five Sense Organs Worksheet #1

We perceive our environment through our sense organs. We have five senses. These are sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Our senses and emotions are different. Fear and joy are emotions; seeing and hearing are senses.


Our eyes are one of the sense organs that allow us to see our surroundings. We perceive the shape, size, color, and location of beings with our eyes. Our eyes, one of our most sensitive organs, are located in the eye socket. Thus, it is protected against impacts.


We perceive the sounds of people, animals, things, and many other beings around us with our ears. The part of our ears that is visible from the outside is called the auricle. Thanks to our ears, we can understand the direction, intensity, and distance of the sound.


With the help of our nose, we can smell different smells around us. We can distinguish the food boiling on the stove, the flower, the sea, and many other things by their smell. Thanks to our sense of smell, we are sometimes protected from dangers. For example, when something is burning somewhere, we smell it and immediately extinguish the burning thing.


Thanks to our tongues, we can distinguish different tastes from each other. There are buds on our tongue that serve to taste. They make us feel that the foods we eat are bitter, sweet, sour, or salty. The tip of our tongue is sweet, just behind the tip is salty, the sides of the tongue are sour and the back is sensitive to bitter tastes.


Thanks to our skin, we understand that objects are hot, cold, hard, soft, rough, smooth by touching them. Our skin covers our body like a protective cover. Our skin has many functions besides touching and feeling. Some of these are sweating, protecting our body against external impacts, preventing microbes from entering the body, preventing water loss, and protecting us from the harmful effects of the Sun.

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