Science for Kids, Plants – Fruit or Vegetable Worksheet #1

What is a Fruit?

The part of the plant that contains the seeds and can be eaten raw is called the fruit. According to the botanical definition, fruit is the seed developed by the plant after flowering. Plants use fruits to propagate their seeds.

What is a Vegetable?

The edible parts of the plant, other than the fruit, seed, and granular parts, are called vegetables. Vegetables are generally less sweet than fruit.

Key Differences Between Fruit and Vegetable

First of all, fruits contain seeds. What we call the core, which is usually in the middle of the fruit, is the seed of the plant. In some fruits, such as strawberries, the seeds may also be on the fruit. This is the most important distinction between vegetables and fruits.

The fruit is basically the mature seedpod of flowering plants. However, vegetables are other edible parts of the plant.

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