Plants, Parts of a Plant Worksheet #2

Parts of Plant

Flowering plants consist of parts such as roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.


It is usually found underground. It binds the plant to the soil. It provides the absorption of water and mineral substances dissolved in water from the soil. It stores nutrients and water when needed.


It is the part of the plants that is mostly above the ground. The body of the plant carries organs such as branches, leaves, buds, and fruits. It keeps the plant upright and allows the leaves to receive light. It transmits the water and mineral substances absorbed in the roots to the leaves. Some stems store water and nutrients.


Leaves perform respiration, transpiration, formation, and excretion of nutrients.


The organ that performs the function of reproduction in flowering plants is called a flower. Examples of flowering plants: chamomile, rose, lotus, pine tree, dill, spinach, carrot, apple 

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