Picture Addition – Balls

Picture Addition - Balls

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First, let’s look at how to add on a number line.

Addition on a number line: Let numbers start from zero up to fifteen on a number line. So what happens if we add 7 and 5 on this number line?

Example: First, we find the number zero on the number line. Then we move from the number 0 to the number 7. After we find the number 7, we count 5 numbers. So when we count 5 more after 7, we get 12 on the number line.

Adding with the number zero: If we add any number with 0, it will come out again. So zero has no effect. Therefore, the number 0 in addition is called a neutral element.

Example: There are 5 red apples and 3 yellow apples and 0 apples on separate plates on a table. Then how many apples are there in total on the table?

If we consider this process in order, the addition takes place as follows.

 5 + 3 + 0 = 8

As we can see, the number 0 has no effect. So we summed up the other numbers and found out how many apples are on the table.

Addition operation: The addition operation is done by bringing together the added and the summing numbers. Thus, the numbers are added on top of each other and the total number is found.

 8 + 5 = 13

Sums of three natural numbers: When adding 3 natural numbers, we add 2 numbers first. Then we add the total number with the 3rd number and find the result. Now let’s do an example and learn how to add three natural numbers.

Example: We have the numbers 5,4 and 7. Now let’s add up these numbers and find out how many.

Let’s add the numbers 5 and 4 first.

 5 + 4 = 9

Now let’s add the result, namely 9 and 7.

 9 + 7 = 16

As you can see, we added 3 numbers and found the result like this.

Tip: Give examples from your daily routine to make your kid comprehend better what addition means. For instance, add chicks to chickens if you live on a farm

Download the worksheet for free at HERE