Place Value Worksheet, Ones Tens Hundreds Thousands #3

The place value and the analysis of numbers are covered after the beginning of the natural numbers in the 3rd-grade mathematics class. It is important to understand this subject correctly for larger natural number problems in the future. It is important to know the natural numbers first to make analysis operations. In this respect, you may have learned that the largest three-digit natural number is 999.

1000 is the smallest four-digit number. So the number 1000 consists of 4 digits. If we divide the number 1000 into divisional digits;

1 – Thousands Place

0 – Hundreds Place 

0 – Tens Place 

0 – Units Place 

 In other words, the verbal solution of 1000, a 4-digit number is as follows;

0 (zero) units

0 (zero) tens

0 (zero) hundred 

1 (one) thousand

The divisions of all 4-digit numbers are separated as above. If we give an example related to the subject;

Question: Find the number of divided digits of 5137.

Solution: The number 5137 is a four-digit number. It consists of 

5 thousand

1 hundred

3 tens and

7 units.

In natural numbers, there is a place where each digit is written, that is, a place. Each digit has different values ​​depending on where the digits take. Numbers are first divided into groups of three from right to left, in order to easily read and write natural numbers. To flatten numbers with five or more digits into segments, a space is left between each segment. 

Example: 621 774 and 47 630.

Here, 3 numbers from right to left are divided into segments and a space is left to separate them. Thus, numbers are both easier to write and easier to read.

Analysis: It is called writing the sum of a natural number with the place values ​​of the total digits. To give an example related to the subject;

Let’s analyze the number  242 580 by writing the place values ​​of the digits in the number.

Solution: 242 580 = 200 000 + 40 000 + 2 000 + 500 + 80 + 0 

 2 hundred thousand + 4 ten thousand + 2 thousand + 5 hundreds + 8 tens + 0 units 

Place Value #3