Printable Stickers for Kids, School Badges – Positive Affirmation #2

Positive psychology, which aims to make the person happier and more productive, gains importance in the development of happy, self-confident, and empathetic children. One of the most important points in child development is the way children are rewarded. If a child is rewarded, his self-confidence will increase. Hence, it becomes crucial to appreciate the children and to say “Good Job!” to them. But they should not be appreciated in every respect.

If you want to give your child a sense of confidence, you should know when to say ‘Well Done!’ and where he should be appreciated. The list of the conditions when you should applaud your children:

  • When your child fulfills his/her responsibility alone
  • When he/she achieves something for the first time,
  • When he/she does a task successfully in school,
  • When he/she listens to your word,
  • When he/she has a positive act,
  • When he/she performs a socially approved behavior.

Instead of saying “Good Job!” for everything the child does, you should say this on these conditions that will help him gain confidence.

School Badges #2

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