Seed Cycle Worksheet #1

Ask your child “What does plant mean?”.

The living things that grow and develop in the soil such as trees, flowers, herbs, and vegetables are called plants. Plants are examined in 3 groups: flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables.

Plants need water, sun, air, and soil. Plants are living things because non-living things never grow or need them. Plants, especially trees, help clean the air. The most important task of plants is to keep the beneficial and harmful gases in the air in a balanced ratio. Living things need oxygen to live, plants have a great role in providing this oxygen.

How are seeds formed?

Seeds are formed by pollination of pollen from one flower to another with the help of wind or insects such as butterflies and bees. These seeds are scattered around the environment. Plants ensure the continuity of their species.

Where do flowers grow and how do they grow?

They need water. Plant seeds planted in the ground first germinate and then slowly start growing. In this, the soil benefits from the sun and water.

The stages that make up the life cycle of a plant are:

Germination of the seed

Being an adult plant

Producing its own seeds


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