Environment Worksheets – Recycling, Shadow Matching Activity

Shadow Matching Activity with Recycling Symbols

Why is Recycling Important for Our Environment?

By recycling, we protect both nature and our resources. 

We can use our natural resources such as water, forest, mines, and oil, which are consumed more every day due to our crowded world, for a longer period of time by recycling. By recycling recyclable wastes, we can obtain new products without depleting our natural resources. For example; recycling one ton of paper could save 17 trees from being cut down. As a result of recycling plastic packaging waste, oil savings can be achieved. For every ton of glass converted, 100 liters of oil is saved. By recycling metal packaging and wooden packaging, we can protect our natural areas from degradation.

We save energy.

With the recycling method, energy savings are achieved by reducing the number of processes in production. For example, 20 metal cans can be made using the energy-recycling method, which can be made from a metal can produced by mining. Similarly, the energy required to recycle paper and cardboard waste is half that required for normal operations. Likewise, significant energy savings are achieved by recycling glass and plastic waste.

What are Recycling Products?

Recycling can be done in many different products. Recyclable products are paper, metal, glass, plastic, concrete, iron, batteries, motor oil, organic wastes, aluminum, copper, wood, and some electronic devices, which can be recycled in a very good and functional way. Thus, the individual economy contributes to the country’s economy thanks to recycling, which contributes greatly to both the environment and the country.


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