Energy Worksheets – Sources of Energy

The ability that makes or is ready to make any movement is called energy. We use energy in many different ways. Heat energy, light energy, and sound energy are three of the many energy forms. 

We can get energy in different ways which are called sources of energy. For the human body, the energy source is food. Food needs heat energy to be cooked. The sun is the main heat and energy source of the Earth. Vehicles run on gasoline, many machines work with electricity. The wind, sound, and gravity are other examples of energy sources

Things we can talk about energy-saving with our children:

Energy resources are not endless. For this reason, we must turn off the water taps and light switches that we do not use.

Human impacts on nature are reducing our resources. We are not the only owners of these resources. When we use energy without saving, we cause pollution of resources, leaving other living things hungry, thirsty and shelterless.

We should unplug our electrical appliances when we are not using them.

We should turn off the tap while washing our hands with soap and brushing our teeth.

We should avoid turning on our lamps while there is sunlight.

We should open our refrigerator door less, and keep it open for a shorter time

We should use the hairdryer as short as possible.