Math, Ordering Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet- Find The Smallest Number

In mathematics, we express numbers with symbols when ordering numbers from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest. At the same time, we sort by looking at the digits of natural numbers.

Comparing and Sorting Numbers

 When we have more than one number, we use symbols when sorting and comparing. These are three different symbols.

 (>) Greater than symbol

 (<) Smaller than symbol 

 (=) Equals to symbol

These symbols tell us which number is big or which number is small.


Here we have shown that the number 15 is greater than the number 10. 

  •  20 < 25

This time we have shown that 20 is less than 25. 

  •  30 = 30

 We have shown with the above symbol that the number 30 is equal to the number 30. 

Comparing and Sorting Two-Digit Numbers

When sorting and comparing two-digit numbers, we look at the tens digit. Here, the number with the greater tens digit is the greater number. At the same time, the number with the smallest tens digit stands out as the smallest number. When the number in the tens digit are equal we look at the units digit to compare the numbers. 


25, 36, 10, 75, 76, 94

As we can see, there are two-digit and mixed numbers above. When considering these numbers, we will look at the tens digit for ordering them from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest. The one with the biggest tens digit takes the first place and is also sorted according to the size of the tens digit. Now let’s write these numbers from biggest to smallest.

 94> 76 > 75 > 36 > 25 > 10

The Smallest Number

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