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We express ourselves in writing or verbally, through the language we use. Our mother tongue is both our communication tool, it shows our cognitive and social development, and it is a mirror of the richness of our culture. Language gives important clues about a nation’s way of life and thought, how it interacts with other nations, and its cultural accumulation.

The smallest meaningful unit of language is words. Words, the building blocks of language, are useful not only for telling but also for understanding. It is not possible to understand what we read or hear without knowing the meaning of words.

Importance of Vocabulary 

Words are patterns that consist of one or more syllable groups of letters and correspond to certain objects, feelings or concepts in the mind. All the words we know the meaning of, use and store in memory form our vocabulary. Beyond the number of words in our repertoire, the way we use them together with mimics, our style, our way of expression, in short, how we use them constitute our way of communication.

We think with words, we solve the problems we face with words. Thoughts follow words. A person can think as broad and deep as the words he knows. Therefore, as one’s vocabulary grows, it becomes easier to establish connections between subjects, to establish cause-effect relationships easily, and to produce new ideas.

How to Enrich Vocabulary 

By adopting some habits in our daily lives, we can easily and happily improve our vocabulary.  Some of the activities we can practice are listed as follows:

  • Reading books
  • Reading aloud
  • Getting into the habit of searching for words in the dictionary
  • Doing word puzzles, playing word games
  • Finding synonyms and antonyms of words
  • Writing
  • Thinking  in sentences
  • Making a presentation about a topic of interest
  • Using memory techniques to build vocabulary

The habit of reading books is one of the most effective and indispensable ways to enrich vocabulary. Getting the habit of looking at the dictionary, being curious, searching for synonyms, solving puzzles and playing word games are the most practical ways. In addition, keeping a diary, writing stories, essays, novels, blogs will improve our vocabulary day by day.

Find here a list of Grade 5 Words students are expected to know. 

Vocabulary - Flower Names

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