Words, Vocabulary – Vehicles #1


If you wonder how you can contribute to boosting your child’s vocabulary, read the tips we have listed below, and enjoy helping your child: 

The best way to boost kids’ vocabulary is to read books aloud. Books help children learn new words they don’t hear often in everyday conversations. You can stop and talk about these words to your kids for fast and permanent learning. Providing examples from daily life will be beneficial. You can also ask your kid to think of his example. 

Try to use the new words during the day at every opportunity. 

To introduce new words you can visit different places such as farms, theme parks, and museums. 

Practice with colorful vocabulary worksheets. These include matching the words with images, completing the names of objects, writing the names of objects. 

Play word games together. You can use the box games you purchased or you can just ask your child questions like “What’s another word for…?, What’s the synonym of…?, How could you describe this..?”

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