Printable Weekly Planner Chart for Students

Why Should We Make a Weekly Plan?

A weekly plan makes it easier for you to direct your work by determining your medium-term goals and monitoring and evaluating what you have done that week.

In a long-term study period, it is necessary to set tighter goals as the study performance increases by setting medium and short-term goals. For this, weekly and daily programs will be more effective than making plans for very long periods.

When goals are written down, they can create a sense of responsibility. Unwritten thoughts, on the other hand, can cause anxiety by holding a place in the mind. If you determine what you will do for the near future, it will be possible for you to use all your energy to realize your plan. 

A weekly study schedule is not just a document in which you write what you will do. At the same time, it makes it easier for you to take notes of what you do and makes it easier for you to monitor and evaluate yourself. Monitoring and evaluation can be considered the most important part of a study program. If you evaluate the work you do, you can make progress as you create and implement your next plans. As you make more realistic, more suitable, and applicable programs, you can get closer to being your own coach.

You can determine your weekly goals and plan what you need to do about your goals on a day-to-day basis with this chart, which you can use when creating a weekly study program.

How to prepare a weekly study program?

There are points to be considered while preparing the weekly study program:

  • Be realistic when setting goals and increasing program content over time
  • Make an effort to adhere to your plan
  • Evaluate the plan at the end of the week
  • Create more realistic plans over time by looking at assessments of plans from previous weeks.Weekly Planner

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