Alphabet Worksheet, Tracing Words – Letter A

Tracing words is a fun and effective way to broaden your kid’s word knowledge. This activity is also helpful for strengthening writing ability. We have prepared colorful word tracing worksheets for each letter of the alphabet with colorful pictures. You can just print and enjoy helping your kid learn and have a good time

Kids can easily forget how letters are formed in the first stages. Word tracing can help them remember the shapes of letters. Good handwriting takes a lot of practice. However, children easily get bored of writing the same words over and over. However, they like experiencing new words. Learning to write the name of their favorite animal, vehicle or toy will make them joyful and excited.

Some important points to help your kid completing worksheets: 

Set a definite time for studying for your child.

Sit with him and tell him what to do reading the instructions.

Once your child understands the instruction, make him know that you are there for support but he must do the worksheets alone.

Check it out when he is done. 

If you see a mistake, don’t fix it right away. Put a checkmark next to it, and ask him to try again. If he’s still wrong, try it together, but don’t do it for him.

Reward the child after the worksheet is done. The best reward is to approve and praise. Allowing his favorite activity is another reward.

When he’s done with the worksheet, have him put his educational tools and materials in their places. 

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