Words of the Two-Digit Numbers

The teaching of two-digit numbers to children should be an interesting and interactive process.

We can help children develop a sound foundation for numbers through hands-on manipulatives, measuring activities, place value concepts, and decomposition strategies.

Through these skills, they will be better placed to manage the world of mathematics and develop a strong mathematical attitude for the future.

Two-digit numbers are those with two digits, beginning with the number 10 and ending with the number 99.

Examples: 13, 41, 60, 82, 96

There are only two place values – the units place and the tens place for the  2 digit numbers.

2 digit numbers can be expressed as words, expanded forms, or as numerals. 


Numerals: 74

In  words: Seventy-four

Expanded form: 70 + 4Words of the Numerals