Early Writing, Writing Skills Worksheet, Write a Story- Soccer

Does your child love to listen to stories? Now we need to take this to the next level. We can have him/her write and tell his own story with any picture and a few keywords.

Story writing activities test and develop children’s ability to play with words and find original things. The art of writing is a powerful tool for expressing various feelings and thoughts. Story writing is a magical step towards exploring the limitless possibilities of language. In this way, our children become both strong readers and strong writers.

What is a Story?

Short literary texts in which the events that have been experienced or that can be experienced are told in a way that gives pleasure to the reader are called “stories”.

Elements of the Story

  1. Plot: The event or situation that the hero of the story goes through. It is the main element or situation in the story.
  2. Setting: There is a limited environment in the story. The location where the event took place is not described in detail but briefly described.
  3. Characters: There are few people in the story. These people come across as “types” and are not introduced in detail. In the story, the people are told only in one aspect such as “diligence, cowardice, laziness”. 
  4. Conflict: Stories have a conflict to solve on which the plot is centered.
  5. Resolution: It is the conclusion part of the story and it is the part where the curiosity is resolved by connecting to a conclusion.

Write a Story - Soccer