Science for Kids- Hungry Animals

In order to make sense of the world, we need to know the animals with whom we share nature as well as humans. From infancy, we first learn the names of animals and then their groups. After that, it’s time to come to where they live and what they eat to feed themselves.

Animals are creatures that eat different foods. The diet of animals also differs according to their developmental characteristics. Nutrition is a need for animals to survive. Some animals only eat grass, while some animals only eat meat. Some animals eat both meat and grass. For this reason, there are differences in the way of animals feed.

Animals that eat meat are called carnivores. Examples of meat-eating animals are; lion, cat, wolf, eagle, dog, and fox.

Grass-eating ones are called herbivorous animals. Examples of these animals; cows, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, and camels.

Some animals eat both meat and grass. Examples of these animals are; duck, turkey, monkey, rooster, mouse, and bird. Thus, each animal should be fed a diet in accordance with its own characteristics.

This post has a game that can be used in the preschool period. Ask our children to match which animal eats what food. In this way, they will both learn about animals and nutrients and improve matching skills.Hungry Animals

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