English Grammar Worksheets – Making Comparisons with ‘As+ Adjective/Adverb + As’

Making Comparisons

We have talked about how to compare objects by adding -er to adjectives or ‘more’ before the two syllables words. Now, we will mention comparing the adjectives with as … as, not as … as. 

We use as + adjective + as to make comparisons when the things we’re comparing are somehow equal.

  • My car is as fast as yours.
  • Laila is as thin as Nina.
  • You’re as brave as your father.

In these examples, an adjective is placed between the two ‘as’, since two nouns are compared. So, how is the phrase “as … as” used with an adverb?

For example, your child is driving for the first time and you want to tell her to be very careful. In this case, you can use the sentence with the phrase “as + adverb + as”.

  • You should drive the car as carefully as you can.

In this example, an adverb is placed between two ‘as’ because what we want to qualify is how an action should be done.

To compare unequal things not as + adj. / adv + as is used.

  • Her hair is not as long as yours.  
  • For me, Chemistry is not as hard as Math.
  • You’re writing not as neatly as you should.

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