Algebraic Expressions, Mathematical Expressions Worksheet #1

Algebraic expressions are one of the most common topics in mathematics. It can also be said to reveal an unknown expression.

In mathematics, unknown numbers are explained over different letters. Then, a transaction is made and the unknown number is found through this transaction. These operations are commonly known as algebraic expressions.

How to find the unknown in algebraic expression through different methods?

When the value of any number is not known, a variable or an unknown is written instead of this value. Problems involving at least one unknown and one operation are called algebraic expressions. There may be more than one variable or unknown.

Example: Let’s consider and write 2 times 3 of a number over algebraic expressions. Here we have an unknown number. Let’s substitute the expression ‘x’ for the unknown number and do the operation.

Algebraic expression: 2x + 3

There are some concepts we should know on this subject.

Term: The product of a number and one or more unknowns is called a term.

Coefficient: A number multiplied by a variable or unknown is called a coefficient.

Constant Term: If there is an unchanging term in the expression, it is called a constant term.

Like Term: The terms of the variable that have the same power in an algebraic expression are called like terms. Like terms can be added or subtracted from each other. However, variables written in an algebraic expression by considering different letters are not similar terms.

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