Picture Subtraction- Vehicles

When subtracting natural numbers, we subtract one number from another. So there is a decrease. Now we will learn how to do this and we will make examples together. 

When doing subtraction, we separate some of the objects we have. Let’s say we have 10 apples. What happens if we separate 3 apples from them? There are 7 apples left.

Subtraction: When we subtract a number with a value less than a certain number, it is the subtraction we do to find the remaining number. 

Example 1: Olivia had 4 balloons in his hand. However, a balloon in Olivia’s hand burst. How many balloons have been left then?

 If one of the balloons in Olivia’s hand bursts, then Olivia will have 3 balloons in his hand. Because we reduce 1 balloon out of 4 balloons in this case. So we do the subtraction. Now let’s put this into action and see how we do it.

 4 – 1 = 3 balloons

Example 2: We have 5 pencils. Two of these pencils were broken and we threw them away. How many pencils have been left then?

At first we had 5 pencils. But what happened next? Two of the pencils we had were broken and we threw them away. How many pens do we have then? 

Now let’s do this together and see how many pencils we have left.

             5 – 2 = 3

 (Total items we have) – (Broken items) = (Number of items left)

 As you can see, when we subtract 2 pencils from 5 pencils, there are 3 pencils left.

When we subtract a number from another, the resulting number is known as the remainder. In this way, you can make many different examples and write them in your notebook. You can count the different items around you and subtract them from the number of other items.

Subtraction on a number line: Let numbers start from zero up to fifteen on a number line. So what happens if we subtract 3 from 7 on this number line?

First, we find the number 7 on the number line. Then we count 3 numbers backward and get to the number 4 on the number line.


Picture Subtraction- Vehicles