Short Bedtime Stories, Short Story Examples in English – The White Elephant

Stories positively affect the developing inner and outer world of the child. Thanks to the stories, the child does not have difficulty in expressing his own feelings and thoughts. The social-emotional development of the child who can express his own feelings and thoughts is also positively affected. He recognizes the word he examines and then remembers it. Therefore, reading stories to children also improves their attention skills, vocabulary, and auditory perception.

Our one-page unique stories will offer you lots of short stories with big messages and exciting information. You can enjoy short reading times when you don’t have enough time to sit down and read a whole book. Besides, you may be bored with reading the same books over and over again. I am actually, as a parent of three toddlers. 

>>> You can form a personalized book from our stories by printing and binding your child’s favorite ones.

Never forget to read the stories yourself before reading them to your child. This way, you can ensure that you don’t read any inconvenient content. Secondly, talk about the stories after reading to see if he pays his attention well, gets the right message, and remembers the details. I believe you will enjoy hearing his comments from his point of childish view. 

If you like our story THE WHITE ELEPHANT, you may like watching the video about the elephants. 

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