Printable Math Brain Teasers, Picture Analogies #11

Picture Analogies

In picture analogy questions, the relation between two figures is analyzed and the answer figure is chosen considering the same relation with the third image.

Our picture analogy worksheets are prepared to help kids increase attention, develop logic and reasoning, and improve their decision-making ability. Above all, all these will be done with pleasure.

Since picture analogy questions often require focus, solving lots of them improves kids’ ability to focus.  Solving such questions provide mental vitality supporting the development of visual, verbal, and mathematical intelligence.

All these skills are important abilities that make human life easier. People who are successful in mental areas such as attention development, memory development, verbal intelligence development, visual intelligence development, and logic development generally maintain the same success in school and business life. It is more beneficial for children to solve intelligence questions because the mental development speed of children is many times higher than that of adults.

Picture Analogies #11