Kindergarten Math Worksheets, Size Comparison – Find the Smallest Object

Measurement is defined as identifying measurable attributes and comparing objects using these attributes.

Preschool measurement activities are done to make children 

get to know their surroundings better

have an idea about measurement

make predictions in case of problems

reason about situations or objects.

The concept of measurement develops in five phases:

The first phase is the game phase.

The second phase is making comparisons (making analogies).

The third phase is the period in which the child learns to use arbitrary units.

In the fourth phase, children may begin to realize the need for standard units.

In the final phase, children begin to understand and use standard units such as meters, liters, grams, and degrees.      

Where do we use measurement?







The size of an object can be in width, length, or height directions. Length is generally defined as the distance between any two points. While measuring a child’s height expresses the concept of height, the distance between home and school expresses the length.

Regarding the concept of area in the preschool period, objects with different areas can be examined, and the objects with the largest and smallest area can be determined. Two shapes of an equal area can be determined and compared.

Volume is the area occupied by solid, liquid, or gas three-dimensional objects. Children can compare volumes by filling small boxes or jars with sand or beans. 

Children need experience comparing, weighing, and using different objects to understand the important points about weight. Children can be given the opportunity to talk about the weights of objects at school, in the classroom, and at home, and they can use words related to weight. During these experiences, attention is drawn to mathematical words such as “less, more, heavier/light or equal”. 

The concept of time has two aspects: sequence of events and continuity. The time sequence relates to the order of events. The continuity dimension of time has a more abstract meaning for children.

Heat is the measurement of how hot or cold the objects are. Studies can be done with children to determine the temperature of water, air, body, and objects.

Size Comparison

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