Fraction Worksheets, Find the Fractions of Shapes #3

Expressions that show the equal parts of a whole and can be written as a/b are called fractions. While showing fractions, a fraction line is drawn in the middle, the numerator above the line and the denominator below it. The denominator shows how many equal parts a whole is divided into, and the or shows how many of these parts have been taken or scanned. 


Objects that are not divided, fragmented, or removed are whole. For example, a whole apple is known as a whole. Likewise, a whole watermelon should be handled as a whole. That is, if we have not taken apart these objects, they are expressed in full form.


When we divide a whole into 2 separate equal parts, its part is known as a half. Take, for example, an orange fruit. When an orange is divided into equal parts in sections, its two sides are expressed as halves.


When we divide a whole into 4 equal parts, each part is known as a quarter. Let’s take an orange again. But this time let’s cut the orange into 4 equal parts. So what is each piece called this time? It’s called a quarter. The pieces are known as quarters because they are divided into 4 parts.

Let’s examine fractions from geometric shapes when we consider them through painting. For example, consider a circle. Divide this circle in half in the striped middle. Then paint one of the circles blue. So, what happens to the part that is painted in blue in this case? It’s half. That is, the part where we divide it into two equal parts and paint a different part in a different color is known as half.

Now let’s take this in terms of quarters. So let’s divide a square geometric shape into four with a pencil. Next, let’s paint one of the pieces yellow. What happens to the part we paint? Of course, it’s a quarter. So because we divide the square by 4 and we paint only part of it, that part is known as a quarter.

So what is required for an object to be a real fraction, i.e. divided? Every part must be equal. It is very important that you pay attention to this. For example, when we cut a rectangular geometric shape in half with a line, each piece is known as a half. But if we keep some of it longer without cutting it equally, then it’s not a fraction, that is half a piece. Whether we divide it by 2 or divide it by 4, each part must be equal. Pieces that are equal in volume and length are known as fractions.

Now let’s look at them numerically.  2/4  What does it mean when you look at the numerical fraction as seen? It shows 2 parts of a piece divided into four. For example, when a square is divided into 4 equal parts and two of these parts are painted, then we get 2/4. That way you can take and make other examples as well. The important thing is to divide any part equally. Then we get fractions and these fractions can be subtracted into different parts.

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