Alphabetical Order Worksheet with Answers

Alphabetical order is an important skill that kids need to learn to be able to effectively set words in alphabetical order, do research, look for a telephone number in a telephone directory, and find a word in the dictionary.

Here are some tips to help kids learn alphabetic order:

Know the alphabet and its correct order:

To put words in alphabetical order, kids should look at the first letter of each word. If more than one word starts with the same letter, they should look at the second letter of the word. In some cases, they may need to look at the third word if two or more words have the same first and second letters.

Practice with worksheets:

There are many free printable worksheets available that can help kids practice putting words in alphabetical order. To see our alphabet worksheets click HERE.

Watch educational videos:

There are many educational videos available online that can help kids learn how to arrange words in alphabetical order. For example, the video “ABC or Alphabetical Order” by Periwinkle on YouTube explains how to arrange words in alphabetical order by looking at the first letter of each word.

Introduce letters in a specific order:

When teaching letter recognition, it can be helpful to introduce letters in a specific order. For example, some educators recommend starting with “name letters” as these letters hold a significant meaning to children. Once children know their name letters well, other letters can be introduced.

By following these tips, kids can learn alphabetic order and improve their reading skills.

Alphabetical Order Words

Answer Key:

1. Cat – 2. Kite – 3. Tree – 4. Vase

1. Bread – 2. Cheese – 3. Lemonade – 4. Olive

1. Book – 2. Eraser – 3. Pencil – 4. School

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