Printables, Goals for the Year Chart for Students

Goal setting is very important for individuals of all ages. Correctly determined goals will both enable people to use time efficiently and positively support their motivation. Individuals with goals will be able to organize themselves more easily. In addition, setting goals will make it easier to anticipate negativities.

For many adults, the student years may seem like years of low responsibility and low hustle and bustle, but that’s not the case. In fact, in order for the next years to be successful, productive, and happy, it is necessary to evaluate the school years well. Getting to know your personality, discovering your strengths and weaknesses, finding your interests and pursuing a profession are the most important goals of this period.

If it is difficult to achieve or if the time is long for it to happen, our motivation to reach our goal is easily lost. Concrete, achievable goals are needed, especially in order for students to maintain their interest and increase their motivation. SMART Goals method is qualified to meet this need. It is easy, enjoyable, and efficient to apply for both students and adults. 

What is the SMART Goals Method?

Specific Goal Setting: More concrete and measurable steps are needed to turn the desire into a goal. You need to define the characteristics of your target as clearly as possible.

Measurable Goal Setting: Goal setting for students should include measurable tasks. A measurable goal should not be too ambitious to be achieved. However, it should not be a goal that the person can easily achieve and that does not require any effort.

Attainable Goal Setting: In order not to lose our motivation, we must keep our expectations and goals realistic.

Relevant Goal Setting: Goal setting for students should also be in relevant areas. Being able to apply the smart target method correctly while setting a target requires asking yourself the right questions.

Time Limited & Trackable Goal Setting: The lack of time constraints when setting goals and not knowing when it will start or end also affect the motivation of the person negatively. Instead, you can choose when to start and when to finish working towards achieving your goal. In this way, you can observe how efficiently you work to reach your goal, and you can determine the working efficiency from the results you have achieved within the time you have determined.

Goals for the Year