Math, Weight Measurement Worksheet- Fruits #3

Let’s take a look at the things, animals, and objects around us. Are they all the same size? No, They are not. The sizes of the various entities are also different. We find it by weighing the mass of things around us. The weight of things is measured with double pan balance scales, which are used to weigh vegetables in grocery stores or in the markets.

How can you determine that an apple is heavier than a pencil? You can simply put them on the scale and measure their weights and say that an apple is heavier than a pencil.

You don’t need to weigh to see that an elephant is heavier than a cat, a cat is heavier than a mouse, or a mouse is heavier than a fly. Because you can understand their weight from their physical features. But you have to weigh the ones that are close together to measure them exactly. 

The object on the lower pan of the scale is heavier than the object on the higher pan. When the pans are at the same level then the objects in both pans have equal weights. This way we can compare the weights of objects, but we cannot measure them. 

To measure we put the object in one pan, and gradually add weights to the other pan until they are balanced. The total weights we add show us the result. However, electronic scales are more widely used nowadays.

Measuring Weight - Fruits #3