English Worksheets – Opposite Words, Antonyms #2

Words that are opposite in meaning are called opposite words. Antonyms, in other words, which are frequently used in our daily life, express the opposite of each other.

Antonyms are usually found in words that express quality or quantity, that is, words with adjective and adverb features. Not every word has a synonym or antonym.

Affirmative and negative forms of verbs and some adjectives do not create opposition. In this case, it is possible to express words that do not have antonyms with words having close meanings.

Examples of Opposite Words

  • Good – Bad
  • Heavy – Light 
  • Open – Close
  • Modest – Arrogant
  • Buyer – Seller
  • Bottom – Top
  • Same – Different
  • Decreasing – Increasing
  • Peace – War
  • Begin – Finish
  • Empty – Full
  • Brave – Coward
  • Hardworking – Lazy

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