Prepositions of Place – Match the Pictures with Prepositions

Understanding prepositions of place is vital to learning the English language since they indicate the link between subjects, objects, and actions in a phrase.

We can list the main prepositions related to location in English as; in, on, near, next to, behind, in front of, below, above, between, among, and around.


  • The charm you gave me is on the shelf.
  • Children are in the conference room.
  • The rabbit is between two trees.
  • The flower shop is near the bakery.
  • My car is behind the house.
  • There is a box under my bed.

Through interactive exercises, visual aids, storytelling, and role-playing, kids may easily understand the concepts and incorporate these prepositions into their regular speech. Once they have comprehended them, kids will have a strong foundation for effective communication and spatial awareness.

Answer key:

  • The dog is in the box.
  • The bear is on the chair.
  • The mouse is in front of the box.
  • The fox is behind the bush.
  • The cat is between the yarns.
  • The dog is next to the frog.
  • The dinosaur is under the box.

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Prepositions of Place - Match

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