Prepositions of Place – Room

Prepositions - Room

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Prepositions of place show us the location of things. This way we can know where they are.

Mostly used prepositions of place are in, on, above, below, under, behind, in front of, near, next to, around, opposite, across, and between.


1. There is a cup on the table.

2. The cat sleeps in the basket. 

3. There is an apple between the banana and orange. 

4. The library is behind the playground. 

So let’s see how the sentence structure will be:

We have two patterns that we often use with prepositions of place.

1- The + noun + verb + preposition + the + noun.

Example: The dog is in the backyard.

2- There + is + (a) + noun + preposition + the + noun.

Example: There is a chicken in the backyard. 

Knowing and learning the prepositions of place ensures the correct use of English sentences

Download the worksheet for free at HERE

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