Scrambled Sentences Worksheet #3

Sentence Scramble #3

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For students, creating and completing sentences means putting the mixed words in the correct order in the sentence. 1st-grade students need to know this subject well in order to learn to read and write effectively.

Sentences consist of certain elements. These elements are subjects, objects, and the predicate, that is, the verb. These are handled according to a certain rule. The words are included in the sentence in the same order as they are said in daily life while constructing a sentence. 

“Cookies my mom bakes. In this sentence, the words appear incorrectly. When written in this way, the meaning of the sentence is confused. It is not clear what is said in the sentence. Let’s take a look at the correct order of this word: “My mom bakes cookies.” The verb comes at the beginning of the sentence after the subject.  This way, we can easily understand who does what. 

Examples of Simple Sentences 

Clara can ride a bike. 

Turtles are slow animals.

Our house is close to the school. 

Can I open the window? 

Babies cannot speak. 

My favorite color is blue. 

Download the worksheet for free at HERE