Animals Worksheet, Animal Classification -Name the Aquatic Animals #2

When we look around us, we see many different kinds of animals. Some animals are kept at home, some live outside, and some are found on farms or in the sea.

Fish: There are many fishes of different colors. All fishes live in water. However, some live in salty seas and oceans, while others live in fresh waters. 

Reptiles: There are many different reptiles. These include animals such as lizards, chameleons, snakes, and crocodiles. Reptiles live in moist, hot, and dry places. They live especially in meadows, pastures, watersides, swamps, mountainous areas, and lakes.

Birds: There are many different types of birds, some of whom live outdoors and some of whom we feed at home. These include storks, owls, pigeons, eagles, and many other bird species. Birds live almost everywhere. As a nest, they generally prefer tree cavities. They can also nest on the roofs of closed areas and on the slopes of mountains. They are very special creatures that can live anywhere in the world. There are birds that can walk on land and have the ability to swim in the water.

Insects: Insects are creatures that we generally do not like very much. However, they are also living things and they live in different places. In addition, they have significant contributions to nature. Generally, their habitats are garbage and green areas. Of course, they do not live only in garbage and green areas. They live in secluded corners with attics and basements of houses.

Domestic Animals: Our favorite types of animals are pets. Animals that can be taken care of at home, accustomed to humans and domesticated are known as domestic animals. These include dogs, cats, and birds. It can also be said of cows, roosters, chickens, ducks, geese, and sheep. Cows and horses usually live in barns. Sheep and goats live in the corral. Domestic animals such as chickens, turkeys, and geese live in the coop. While cats and dogs live in the hut, the birds live in the nest.

Wild Animals: Wild animals are animals that are not accustomed to close relationships with people and prefer to live far away from people. These animals generally create habitats for themselves in areas where there is no human habitation. 

Aquatic Animals #2