Color by Division #1

Color by Division #1

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The written symbol for division is (÷). The ‘/’ (slash) symbol is used in spreadsheets i.e. calculators and other computer applications. The division is the opposite of multiplication in mathematics.

Uncle Tom wants to divide the 12 apples he picked from the garden equally among his three grandchildren.

Let’s find the number of apples for each grandchild. We can do this division in three ways.

Rhythmic Counting Division

Let’s divide the apples picked by Uncle Tom to his grandchildren by counting them three by three rhythmically.

At the end of each distribution, each child gets an apple. Apples are finished as a result of the 4th division. Each child has 4 apples now. 

Division by Subtraction

Let’s divide the apples collected by Uncle Tom by subtracting 3 from the apples each time.

At the end of each subtraction, an apple is separated for each child. As a result of the 4th subtraction, the apples are finished. Each child has 4 apples now. 

Sharing by Division Operation

Let’s share the apples that Uncle Tom collected by the dividing operation. The number of apples divided in the division operation given above is 12. Since the apples are divided among 3 grandchildren, the number of divisors is 3. As a result of the division process, each grandchild receives 4 apples, so the division is  4. Since there are no apples that cannot be shared as a result of division, the remainder is 0.

There are four main terms that describe parts of the division.

The dividend is the number that is divided.

The divisor is the number that will make the division.

The quotient is the answer, or the number of times the divisor goes into the dividend.

The remainder is the left-over number we get and it is always lesser than the divisor.

Download the worksheet for free at HERE