Jobs and Occupations- Matching Worksheet

Parents want their children to be happy and successful in every aspect of their lives, and they are ready to do whatever they can for this. Though most parents are sensitive about this issue, they do not know exactly how to support their children. Believing that a good education will form the basis for success in life, they focus on school success. In fact, the period when the child’s interest in choosing a career starts, is preschool.

In order for their children to contribute to a good career choice, parents need to evaluate the child’s abilities, skills, and interests in the social environment and playgroups accurately and objectively, starting from the preschool period.

Don’t compare your child to other children

Choosing a profession, one of the most critical moments of life, is a critical decision that determines people’s place in society, living standards, and social environment. Families often make mistakes here. Making comparisons with siblings or other children, wishing to reach their failed goals in their children’s lives, forcing them to maintain their father’s profession, forcing them to choose a profession for someone’s sake are the most common mistakes families make.

These mistakes made in order to be successful will confuse the child and cause him to move away from the family. The choice of profession, which coincides with the adolescence period, is the most important period that families should definitely not overlook. In this period, besides the interests from preschool, it is necessary to guide the child by helping him to know the professions and to help his child to know himself instead of being compelling. The final decision should be made by children, not families, the profession to be chosen is not theirs, but their children’s. The child, who discovers his potential with the support of his family, will choose his own profession carefully, lovingly, and willingly.

How can you help your child?

  • Explain to your child that occupations in society are numerous.
  • Help him/her to know the professions by observing different occupational groups.
  • Try to prevent your child from approaching jobs with opposite-gender stereotypes.
  • Provide the opportunity to have accurate and complete information about the professions.
  • Explain that the profession will not only earn a living, but will be happier and more successful in a job that he will love to do.
  • Get help from experts in the profession that suits your child’s abilities and interests.
  • Provide an environment for her to develop her skills by giving her opportunities to do activities she is interested in.
  • You are the most important people who can help your child choose the most suitable profession for him.
  • Remember that children are individuals, with unique personalities, abilities, goals, and values.

Jobs and Occupations


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