Data and Graph Worksheets, Pictograph – Tree Day

Imagine that you are doing research on a topic and you want to group the information you have obtained, how would you do it? We can create tables, charts, graphs, pictographs, and tallies by grouping information according to their similarities and differences.

Tally Chart

By dividing the data into groups of 5, we can make it easier to read. In the tally chart below, after four vertical lines, a horizontal line was drawn on top of them to complete 5 lines. Tallies are also called frequency tables.

Favorite color of students-Tally Chart

This tally chart shows the numbers of students who pick red or blue as their favorite color


In the pictographs, pictures of daily life objects are used instead of numbers. For example,  balls are used for popular sports branches such as the one below. 

Favorite sports-Pictograph

The principal asked the students about their favorite sports in order to determine the courses to be opened at the school. He created the following object graph with the answers given. Each ball represents five votes. 

Bar Graphs

In the bar graphs, the number of each item is shown with bars. The more the height of the bar, the more is the number of the item used. Now let’s create a bar graph that shows which student likes which candy type more.

Favorite Candy of Kids-Bar Graph

According to the bar graph above, which candy is the most liked? The most popular one is lemon candy, as it has the highest bar. The least popular is cherry candy.

Pictograph Tree Day