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The reading comprehension skill gained in the primary school years affects all of the student’s learning in a positive or negative way throughout his/her life. While this effect reflects positively on the lessons of individuals with advanced reading comprehension skills, it reflects negatively on the lessons of those whose reading comprehension skills are not developed. 

Bloom revealed that there is a relationship between reading comprehension power and students’ success in mathematics, science, language, and literature courses. Reading depends on both word recognition skills and reading comprehension skills. Readers with advanced word recognition pronounce words quickly and devote a large part of their energy to understanding. Such readers are fluent in reading and understand most of what they read.

Readers with underdeveloped word recognition skills cannot devote much time to understanding because they are busy voicing words. Such readers have trouble reading, read slowly and incorrectly, and cannot understand most of what they read. The age we live in necessitates the training of functionally literate people. These people are individuals who read rapidly and understand what they read, and at the same time use it to make their lives better. Considering this situation, children should be provided with information on strategies and techniques that will improve their reading comprehension.

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Download the worksheet for free at HERE