Clocks, Telling The Time Worksheet #10

  • Minute hand shows the minute and completes one full turn in 60 minutes.  
  • Hour hand shows the hour. When the minute hand turns one full turn, the hour hand moves forward.
  • At full hours, the minute hand is just above 12.
  • In half an hour, the minute hand is just above 6.
  • When the minute hand is above 3 and 9, the clock shows quarter hours. If the minute hand is over 3, it is a quarter past, and if it is over 9, it is a quarter to.
  • One day consists of 24 hours. 

When the subject of the clocks and telling time is explained in the lessons, it usually causes children to be confused. You may hear from your children questions like ‘what does it mean at quarter past?’. We will explain to you how to teach your children the time by clearing the confusion of your children.

Flower Clock Method

The materials required for this method are a regular circular wall clock, scissors, and colored cardboard.

First, make the stem and two leaves of the flower from cardboard. The long one of the leaves will symbolize the minute hand and the shorter one will symbolize the hour hand. Write ‘hour’ on the short leaf and ‘minute’ on the long leaf. In this way, it will be easier for your child to understand the concepts of hour and minute hands.

Think of the clock as the center of the flower. And cut the petals of the flower in half circles to correspond to the parts of every five minutes and write the minutes as 00, 05, 10, 15 on them. This will make it easier for your children to understand the concepts of quarter past and half past. In this way, you will accelerate your children’s learning hours in a fun way.

Explain the concept of time in a way that your kid can understand

To teach the concept of time, you need to make catchy stimuli for your children. You can start with examples from your life events like “We are going for a trip on Monday, Tuesday is the day of your favorite cartoon, on Wednesdays we go to visit grandma.” You can get into the details later. For example, “We wake up at 07.30 in the morning, dad goes to work at 08.00, we have dinner at 7 pm, everyone goes to sleep at 10 pm.” 

Telling Time #10