Words and Vocabulary Worksheet – Gardening

Sounds and sound groups that have a meaning on their own or that function in a sentence even though they do not have meaning are called words and they play a great role in communication.

The main element that enables the development of thoughts is words. The richness of words and concepts contributes to rationality and thought. A person who has a rich knowledge of words and vocabulary is rich in thoughts, too. Therefore, vocabulary teaching should be given special importance in English education.

Vocabulary is evaluated in three dimensions: knowing the various meanings of words, knowing words in various subjects, and knowing quite a lot of words in a subject. These dimensions progress and develop as children grow.
The first point to be considered in vocabulary teaching is to determine which words will be taught. The words, phrases, and terms they may encounter in their daily life and will be useful for them to explain their own thoughts, feelings, wishes in detail according to their age and level should have priority.

New words are encountered at every stage of learning English. Reusing words without being erased from memory is a time-consuming process. Therefore, new words should be taught to students within a certain logic. Concentrate on the meanings of words. Words intended to teach students must have a certain order. Otherwise, a word will be transferred to another without being fully taught.

In 4th Grade children can discuss texts and books by increasing their knowledge of vocabulary. Here, you can find 100 Vocabulary Words Kids Need To Know By 4th Grade.

Vocabulary - Gardening

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