Word Search Activity- Space and Planets

Word Search #4

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A word is a sound or a collection of sounds that has a meaning or function and can be used alone. Words often have meanings. They meet an outside being, an object, a movement. When we read or hear the word, we visualize that being or movement: book, sheep, tree, pencil

Vocabulary, knowledge of words,  is of great importance for a person to be able to express herself correctly. The fact that you are not using the right words while telling something to the people around you means that you cannot convey what you want to the other person. The only way to fully explain an event, a piece of theoretical information, a word, or a thought to the other party is to have a large vocabulary.

Our word search worksheets will help your child improve the spelling of words and expand their vocabulary knowledge. Moreover, word puzzles help children improve their concentration skills and eliminate attention deficit. They involve a process that requires patience and attention. The child, who patiently finds the words, reaches the result and completes the puzzle, bringing him both joy and a sense of success. These positive emotions, especially the sense of achievement, directly affect the child’s self-confidence. Therefore, doing word puzzles gives children a sense of self-confidence.

Download the worksheet for free at HERE


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