Weather Conditions


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We experience different weather events in different seasons throughout the year. With these weather events, we sometimes get very cold and sometimes sweat. There are many weather events in different seasons depending on different conditions.

There are four different seasons in a year. These seasons are known as spring, summer, autumn (fall), and winter. Different weather events occur in each season. Due to these weather events, we sometimes dress warmly as it is very cold and sometimes we prefer thin clothes because it is very hot.

Weather Events

Air is the substance that makes up the atmosphere and contains various gases. Changes in the air such as warming, cooling, wind, precipitation, fog are called weather events. Weather events can change in a few hours, or sometimes they can be continuous for a week.

Weather Forecast

The daily state of the weather events that occur in a place is called the weather forecast. We follow the weather events a lot, especially during the day. Thus, we get information about what to wear when going out.

For example, if the weather is very cold, we wear our thick clothes. Or if it’s raining then we take an umbrella with us. If the weather will be very hot according to the forecast, then we prefer our thin clothes.

Some definitions are used when giving news about the weather. At the same time, certain symbols are given along with these definitions.

Weather Forecast Icons

Generally, the above pictures are used when forecasting the weather. In this way, we all learn in common what kind of weather we will encounter during the day. This is how we decide whether to go out or not. At the same time, we get the chance to take our precautions in terms of both clothing and safety when going out.

Download the worksheet for free at HERE