English Action Verbs Worksheet with Answers

English action verbs are those that describe a visible action and describe what humans, animals, or other objects are doing. Another name for them is action words.


1. Wash your hands before you eat anything.

2. Cheetahs run so fast.

3. He prays before going to bed.

4. Mariam walks in the neighborhood in the mornings.

5. Alicia swims as an expert. 

Action verbs are mostly used with ‘ing’ as in the example sentences. This expresses a continuing action and shows us what is happening now.


1. Nehir is reading the best-seller book of the year.

2. Kids are playing outside.

3. Why is Joseph crying?

4. Dad is jumping on the trampoline with my siblings. 

5. Jenna is singing aloud.

Asking your child to identify verbs from their everyday routine, school life, or activities they like with friends will help them practice the theme of English action verbs. You can also ask them to identify the action verb in a few short sentences that you tell them. Another game you might play is to locate verbs that begin with the letter that was most recently used in an action.

Action Verbs Kids

Answer Key:

The left column, top to bottom: Drink – Sing – Eat – Play

The right column, top to bottom: Run – Read – Jump – Write