Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

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The foods we consume have important benefits for our bodies. In order to get the most out of these benefits, we should have a balanced diet. There are many food sources that we eat and drink during the day. These food sources have different benefits for our bodies. However, if we consume too much or too little food, it can harm us. Therefore, we must eat a balanced diet from every food source. For this, it is very important that we consume the food that our family gives us.

Nutrients provide our growth and strength. At the same time, food sources give us energy. Thus, we become more resilient during the day and we can listen and understand our lessons, and study comfortably. Of course, the food sources we consume have different benefits to our bodies. So, we should consume every useful food source in a balanced and regular manner. 

Meat, milk, eggs, and yogurt allow us to grow and develop. They also help our bones develop.

Food sources such as oil and honey provide the strength and energy our body needs. Thus, we lead a more active and healthy life. 

In order to provide our body with vitamins, we consume different types of vegetables and fruits.

Note: Vitamins prevent diseases. That’s why we need to consume natural food sources full of vitamins in order to protect ourselves from diseases and increase our body’s resistance. It is especially important that we eat all food sources in a balanced way.

A balanced diet: Eating enough of all the nutrients that are beneficial for our body means eating a balanced diet. In other words, eating a balanced and regular diet means eating all foods. There are 3 meals a day. These three main meals are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In these meals, we should eat in a balanced and regular way without being picky. We should never choose food. Because it is crucial for our growth and development

Animal-based foods: The different food sources we obtain from animals are known as animal foods. We should consume these foods regularly and in a balanced way. Animal-based foods are eggs, milk, meat, cheese, butter, and yoghurt. 

Plant-based foods: The foods that we obtain from different plants in different seasons like fruits and vegetables are plant-based foods. Likewise, we must consume these foods grown in different seasons in a balanced way. Examples of plant-based foods are apples, peas, lentils, spinach, walnuts, strawberries. 

Download the worksheet for free at HERE

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