Math Puzzle, Addition and Subtraction Worksheet #5

Math Puzzle #5

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Kids love doing puzzles as they consider it as a game, and they comprehend the math subjects like four operations better with puzzles. Math puzzles are not only fun but they also have great benefits for your kids! 

Educational asset 

Education includes the development of skills such as research, writing and language, reasoning, focusing, and creative abilities. A person who does a puzzle by thinking allows the problem to be organized in his mind; recognizes patterns and produces solutions to reach the desired solution. So, math puzzles are not only fun but also educational.

Improving  IQ

Studies have found that doing puzzles helps raise IQ. Puzzles force one to think and reason. It challenges players to use general knowledge, memory, spatial imagery, logic, and problem-solving skills. Intelligence is sharpened as ways to overcome problems are learned.

Increasing cognitive ability

Math puzzles for kids increase their comprehension ability. The benefits of these games can be developed through use, such as learning and identifying certain numbers, operations, shapes, figures, colors, and various categories to which objects may belong. 

Improving  concentration

Concentration is essential for all brain teasers. Therefore, puzzles can help prolong the attention span in both adults and children. By changing the difficulty level of the challenge, the required level of concentration can be controlled. The difficulty level can be increased after the person is successful in a level.

Developing problem-solving skills

The purpose of the puzzle is to find a solution to a problem. For this reason, it helps to develop one’s critical thinking ability. It teaches the child or adult how to break large and complex problems into smaller and easily solvable parts using patience, determination, and organizational ability. One feels a sense of victory when he finishes the puzzle. It also helps raise a child’s or an adult’s level of self-confidence in their ability to solve problems or cope with difficulties.

Pushing people to produce

Generally, puzzles are more interesting than other brain teasers. It increases one’s creativity and productivity. Puzzles do not only amuse one. It also meets the need for mental exercise by increasing the ability to learn and think rationally. Using math puzzles to educate children or adults would be a useful method.

Download the worksheet for free at HERE