Picture Puzzle Worksheet, Cut and Paste- Penguins

Puzzles are one of the oldest known educational games. This fun and educational game is based on the logic of creating a large and meaningful image by combining small pieces. The process of combining small puzzle pieces requires focus. This focus paves the way for many developments in children.

Relieves Attention-Deficit

Finding the right piece among small and complex pieces and placing it in the right place in the big picture requires a lot of attention. For this reason, children’s attention can be maximized while doing puzzles. This game, which allows them to use their attention at the maximum level, helps children develop their concentration skills and eliminates the lack of attention.

Improves Visual Memory

Puzzles require the perception of shape, ground, and pattern. Thus they improve this perception with its feature of going from the piece to the whole. It is clear that children enjoy doing picture puzzles by sitting down, their ability to see the whole from piece to piece or remember which piece is where. The basis of this is the effect of making puzzles to improve visual memory.

Contributes to Problem Solving Ability

Creating a meaningful visual by combining the pieces requires an intellectual and problem-solving effort. With this feature, puzzles contribute to the ability of thinking and problem-solving in children. While doing puzzles, the intellectual reasoning that children put forward to find the solution helps to develop their minds.

Helps build self-confidence

Making puzzles involves a process that requires patience and attention. The child, who patiently combines the pieces, reaches the result and completes the puzzle, bringing him/her both joy and a sense of success. These positive emotions, especially the sense of achievement, directly affect the child’s self-confidence. Therefore, doing puzzles gives children a sense of self-confidence.

Picture Puzzle- Penguins

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